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The other day

Merci ! / Thanks ! aux camps Kanawana et Amy Molson pour le partage de leurs cahiers de chants.

(Repeat each sentence)

The other day,
I met a bear,
A great big bear,
Oh way up there.

(Repeat verse together)

He looked at me,
I looked at him,
He sized up me,
I sized up him.

He said to me,
Why don't you run,
I see you ain't,
got any gun.

And so I ran,
away from there,
But right behind me,
Was that bear.

Ahead of me,
There was a tree,
A great big tree,
Oh glory me,

The nearest branch,
Was ten feet up,
I'd have to jump,
And trust my luck.

And so I jumped,
Into the air,
But I missed that branch,
Oh way up there.

Now don't you fret,
Now don't you frown,
Cause I caught that branch,
On the way back down.

This is the end,
There ain't no more,
Unless I meet, That bear once more
That bear once more.

And so I met,
That bear once more,
And we’ll be friends,
forever more.

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