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Chicken Rufus Raftus

Merci ! / Thanks ! aux camps YMCA Kanawana et Amy Molson pour le partage de leurs cahiers de chants.

C is the way to begin and H is the second letter in
And I is the middle of the word and C you’ve already heard
And K is a kind of a hen and E is the second to the end
So C-H-I-C-K-E-N – that’s the only way to spell CHICKEN!

Rufus Raftus Johnson Brown, oh whatcha gonna do when the rent comes around?
Whatcha gonna do and whatcha gonna say if you can’t pay the rent at the break of the day
Oh you know and I know and everybody knows that you can’t pay the rent if you ain’t got the doughSo Rufus Raftus Johnson Brown, whatcha gonna do when the rent comes around?

Split into two groups, one sings CHICKEN and the other sings Rufus, then switch.

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