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Banjo song

Merci ! / Thanks ! aux camps YMCA Kanawana et Amy Molson pour le partage de leurs cahiers de chants.

I udleoosed to pladleay my yellellow banjellello
I pladleayed it odleon my kneedleeedleeedlee
But nowdleow the striddlings are brodloken sodloh
It iddleis no yoodleoose to meedledeedldeedldee

I toodleook it toodloo the mudlusic shodlop
To seedlee what theydley could doodleoodleoodleoo
And nowdlow my striddlings are goodlood as newdloo
And eyedleye can playdleay for youdldoodledoodleoo

I used to play my yellow banjo, I played it on my knee
But now the strings are broken so it is no use to me
I took it to the music shop to see what they could do;
And now my strings are good as new and I can play for you

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